What is the difference between Kergres products and other brands ?

Kergres brand products are first in quality and innovation, that have been used Iranian and Spanish experts and designers to produce unique production with new ideas, designs . More stringent standards and criteria have been set and defined for all qualitative parameters and specifications . Therefore , all Kergres products have the highest quality .

How are Kergres Products Against Cold and Heat ?

Double baking products are resistant to thermal and moisture expansion , heat shock , moisture expansion , and porcelain products with less than 0.5% water absorption are resistant to freezing in addition to the conditions mentioned above .

How much is the stainability of Kergres products ? (Are they stainable?)

All Kergres products are glazed . The glaze increases the stain resistance of the products (not mass) and the normal stains are easily cleaned with ordinary water and detergent .

Can wall tiles be used for floor structure ?

Most of Kergres wall products are double baking and have a high body water absorption , so high water absorption and low strength make the double baking products unusable on the floor . Single-Bake products with water absorption below 6% are usable on the floor .

Tell us about the materials for installing Kergres products ?

It is recommended to use installation adhesive for ease of installation and final quality of work . Also for porcelain products installation should be used special adhesive .

What is the difference between a rectified and non rectified product ?

The products edges that are rectify with the abrasive tools after their production and their final dimensions are uniform so-called rectified tiles , which means that all products are uniform in size and have the least seam allowance and a smooth surface after installation .